Hta Min Thouk is a traditional dish of Myanmar. Its form is served cold rice salad. The major ingredients of Hta Min Thouk are rice, prawn powder, pepper oil and lemon juice.
The other ingredients of this dish can be tomato puree, potato, glass noodles, and toasted chickpea flour, hard boiled eggs, cabbage, and bean sprout, crushed toasted dried fermented bean cake, crushed dried shrimp, and crushed dried chili and garlic. Hta Min Thouk is usually served with a mix of cooked peanut oil, fish sauce, lime and cilantro.



Rice salad. Htamin Thouk is an popular food in Myanmar.

• rice
• prawn powder
• pepper oil
• lemon juice
1. Get some rice.
2. Mix oil and pepper and boil it.
3. If you have prawn powder, you can smear it on the rice.
4. Mix the pepper oil with the rice.
5. Squeeze the lemon and mix it with rice.

There you go, a rice salad! Myanmar Food

Myanmar cuisine includes dishes from various part of the Southeast Asia country. Because of its geographic location of the country, the cuisine has similar to China, Thailand, Malaysia and India. Myanmar dishes are characterized by the extensive use of fish paste (Nga Pi), fish sauce (Fermented seafood). Myanmar cuisine includes a variety of Salads (Athoke), centered on one main ingredient, varies from rice, glass noodles, rice noodles, vermicelli to potato, ginger, green tomato, kaffir lime, pickled tea leaves and mixed with Nga Pi (fish/ shrimp paste) and fish sauce and tamarind. These salads are always popular as fast food around the country.

Myanmar cuisine is full of condiments from sweet, sour, salty to savory. Some popular cuisines are pickled tea leaves, balachaung (dried shrimp and nga pi floss), ngapi kyaw (fried ngapi with onion). Nga Pi plays major roles in condiments and as a dip for fresh vegetables. In traditional Myanmar medicine, foods are mainly divided into two classes: heating or cooling depends on their effects on human body system. Heating foods such as deep fried food, chicken, durian, mango, ice cream etc.Cooling foods such as pork, eggplant, cucumber, radish, dairy products.

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